Monday, January 12, 2009

infectious infections and smoothy shmoothie shmerrrr

ohhhhh the blog life is so difficult. here i sit. on a corrner in martinborough, NZ. sore back from hours of vinyard work. wishing i could type with my mind and send messages with my imagination. ohh well. kayakin is most amazing here. yet my smoothie is shit. broke that bia off a tiny little seal launch. didn't even hit anything. they better give me a new one.

other than that i am on my way to being 'world famous in New Zealand for Ages.' if not by kayakin than at least for runnin arround actin a fool in my speedo. people love me here. i often wonder if they love me everywhere. soon i will test the theory... england, nepal, south america? ill take it all.

23 is quite tha shit number. my life is on a downward spiral and all i can do is try and acclerate it by fallin off more of dem thangs. everytime i pass up a drop depression sets in. they wont be passed up a second time. 3 more days of work and i am off. destined to plunge and i cant wait. tree trunk gorge, trout pool falls, maclern falls, aritia rapids all in one week? why not. that should make 23 smile on my shoulders. hopefully sooth the harsh burn of the sun. Rain would be wonderfull.

cant let the infections get me down. fukin infectious infections. i knew better than to let it run but what was i supposed to do, skip kayakin? fuk that. now my finger is a swollen puss pocket battling the anitbodies i keep forcing into my body. as is my stomach. they say to eat the tablets on an empty stomach.... but they make me not want to eat, soooooooo 20 pills a day should sustain me for the next 7 days. ohhh well could be worse.

what else.... so much but i need pictures to explain. soon soon to the two of you who may occasionally view this may get some actuall thoughts and actions. finally got a camera and soon there will be a video!!!! still hate mariah carey. what will the next song be. merhhhhhhhhhh
okokokokokokokkk. cant listen to conner and katie blag on about how wonderful there life is and will be. love love love.

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Melina said...

Touch my body, get me on the could you hate that?? How did the smoothie break just on impact with the water?? That's a bad quality for a kayak. Just how 'little' was this seal launch? My friend Martha exploded her foot on a seal launch but she hit a rock. Thanks for the update Charles, such an afternoon delight. I'm going to word verify now and publish it.