Monday, February 16, 2009

old thoughts: nomadic

Nomadic… onward we travel. Gypsy like in our caravan of crunk sauce. Breaks on Beaches, surfing and sand. I can only take so much of the beach. Although riding in this bus with the Crons driving is almost harder than navigating the rolling seas. Definitely more scary. Jesus tits…… Will would be terrified.
Totally nailed a parked car yesterday. First time in my life I backe into someone how stupid I am. Crunky took it well. Not even a new scratch to add to the collection of old ones. Yet the other car did not fare so well. Now im out a couple of hundred dollars. Fuck im stupid.
My smoothie has 2 new oil cans in it after paddling through the ocean. Something is wrong with that piece of shit. They better give me a new one otherwise they will have hell t dpay. I should not use threats, yet saying I was helping a friend write a review for paddler magazine is more like just stretching the truth. If only they understood how I paddle. How much air and attention I get . I have had more people ask me the lines down rapids here then ever before…. And I have no idea where im going?
Vinyard work is done for now. Just a sore back and aching arms remain. I might have made enough money to pay for my doctor bill, gas, and this guys car I hit. Ohhh welll. What kind of gypsy needs money to live. Yet I am not a thief either. I need to create. I have been feeling slightly lost in my self expression lately. My journal becomes more and more defined by desperate need for expression. I need to make something. I need to express myself to this world.
Our paddling journey strikes up again tomorrow. To the Rangitiki. So fortunate I am to have found the most charming and dedicated shuttle bunny. Not only does she drive my shuttle, cook my food, and care for me….. she also loves me. So nice it is to have someone to curl up with at night under forign skys. Soon she will be getting a van as well. Which I will drive, and then we will truly be a caravan. At least once fred gets here. Ohhh fred, and the south island, that will truly be another chapter in my life.
My dreams are so wild and wonderful these days. Just as exciting as my days


willstubbs said...

Charles, I think you turning into Alobar. and your in love! wow i got to go to NZ. i'm wicked jealous. all my best friends are rippin the h2o and boone is fuckin dry as.... the desert. I reward my self for school work with 700 Nolichucky long boat sessions on the weekends. shhhhittttt. mang.

Melina said...

I love it I love it!!!

Melina said...

more please.

Coffield said...

yo son

lives been to far apart lately... the dog the rents and the knives are still here waitin for a return on the 4th of some crazy rednecks

hope i can handle it with out you and a bow an arrow